Brigantes The Freed Roman Slave With His Stories

Once A Roman Slave, But Now A Free Man, With Amazing Stories Of Rome And It’s Empire

Brigantes, the Roman Slave Storyteller

Brigantes is a freed Roman slave taken from Britaina as a child, to work for a Roman family.

Listen as he talks of his beloved Rome, where he grew up. Learn of it’s people, how they live and how they fight, and all the myths and legends from this ancient time.

Learn from the local who was brought up in Rome and now thinks like a Roman does. He has learned their stories well and would love to pass his knowledge on to you.


Brigantes, the Freed Roman Slave telling stories


Briggantes will captivate and amaze your group, no matter what their age is, with great Roman stories such as…

Romulus and Remus.
The trials of Hercules.
Queen Boudicca and the Iceni Rebellion.
And many, many more from this classic time.



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