Historical Characters From Stories Alive

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Our historical characters, complete with authentic costumes, bring history to life and are a great way to make education fun or entertain your children.


Learning about stone age and iron age


Archaeologist Oliver Pearce

“Here we find the truth about the Stone Age”


Ancient Egypt characters from Stories Alive


William Ward Egyptologist Explorer 

“This is the land of Pharaohs and Gods”

Thaddeus the Greek Story Teller


Thaddeus the Greek playwright

“Listen to the great stories of gods and heroes.”

Brigantes, the Roman Slave Storyteller


Brigantes the Roman house slave

“Rome wasn’t cleaned in a day.”

Medieval Troubadour


Gruff the Medieval troubadour

“In days of old, dragons roamed.”

Tudor Tales from Stories Alive


Hayden the Tudor player

“In fair Verona, I’ve never been.”

Captain Jake with Pirate Stories


Captain Jake the bloodthirsty pirate 

“There’s no talk of mutiny on my ship.”

Life at War Through the Eyes of a Teacher


Earnest Mottershaw ARP Warden

“Come on, every one inside, quick as you can.”

Professor Libris, the Storymaker


Professor Libris the story maker

“Together we can make a magic story.”