ARP – World War Two On The Home Front

Learn What It Was Like Living Through The War

Life at War Through the Eyes of a Teacher

Ernest Mottershaw was an ordinary school teacher at the out break of World War II, in a reserved occupation he couldn’t enlist, so he did the next best thing, and became an ARP warden. Ernest will take any evacuees and inform them about the current war, from bomb shelters to rationing, he can inform them as to what’s been going on, and prepare them for their life with a new family in the country. After a few drills he’ll see them on their way with a story.


ARP and how they Helped

Stories available –
  • Not a quiet night
  • How daft Alf was arrested as a spy

Stories Alive can adapt all performances to suit every individual situation, e.g. a walk-about storyteller for festivals, or an extended session with historical workshop for schools.