Medieval Tales From Gruff The Troubadour

Bringing to Life Mystical Tales of Dragons & Princesses

Gruff the Mystical, Medieval Storyteller

With Gruff the Medieval troubadour tells his tales from a forgotten age, of knights, princesses, dragons and wizards, using a selection of strange objects, to help tell the story, a few props that go a long way.One man can bring a whole kingdom to life!Gruff will regale you with stories such as…
Sir Ivar
The Children Of Brock
The Lampton Worm
Tristan and Isolde


Gruff's Medieval Tales

All of the characters at Stories Alive can work in a variety of settings, such as  museums, schools, libraries, a country houses or a child’s birthday party.Click here to
Hear Gruff telling the tale of Sir Ivar The Unproven Knight